Website Design for Harvestone Group LLC

Harvestone Group LLC Homepage website design

Harvestone Group LLC requested an efficient & personally engaging website designed to help launch their brand in the global market. The design elements on the site are a blend of images illustrating everything from marketing services, merchant trading, to asset optimization. 

"Harvestone Group, and its affiliated companies, is a global commodity merchant focused in the biofuels sector. We deploy capital in physical and financial commodity markets to create and unlock long term value for our customers and shareholders."

Kacy Meinecke Photography | Web Design

Kacy Meinecke Photography needed a fresh, easy to update website that makes promoting all of her latest work a breeze.

She shoots corporate photography for many companies around the US. One of the projects we get to work on together is Twelve Restaurant & Bar. It makes such a huge difference when you have great photos to work with when designing marketing pieces for clients.


ICT Game Jam 2016 - Branding

Wichita had it's 2nd ICT Game Jam!

Game developers, artists, 3d animators, and more all came together for a weekend to build and design games!

It was hosted by Jim Rice and his team of developers from devICT. I am proud to support and design for local game development!

Open Wichita Hackathon ICT Branding

Open Wichita Hackathon ICT Branding

Open Wichita hosted the Hackathon ICT at the Wichita Riverfest!

Developers from Wichita and surrounding areas gathered to help solves some of the cities issues with data.

We were thrilled to design the event branding and collateral. Thanks to Open Wichita for making such a huge difference in our community!

Twelve Restaurant & Bar Design Package

Twelve Restaurant & Bar New Years Eve Promo

2014 was a big year for Twelve Restaurant & Bar.

I've had the pleasure of managing the design of their website, print menu, most of their digital and print advertisements, signage, email marketing, and even social media marketing.
It's been a bright and strong branding campaign from the beginning. 

Their holiday design package was a lot of fun to create at the end of the year.

Rockgate Hospitality Group Logo Design

Rockgate Hospitality Group needed a fresh new logo accompanied by a clean, modern website that highlighted all of their properties.

They are located out of Blue Springs, MO and have properties in the Kansas City area and New York state.

First I started with their old logo to see where they came from. I modernized the font set initially and then highlighted the stones that held up the gates in the logo. The finished product is pretty elegant.


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