Carlos O'Kelly's Gift Cards - Online

Carlos Gift Cards online shopping design by Barrett Morgan Design LLC

Carlos O'Kelly's needed a way to sell their gift cards online. Their sales in the store were doing great, but as with any other product, selling online is a necessity.

Coordinating from point of sale to the shipment of cards was a fun process to be a part of.

When setting up an online shop there are a few things you need.

  • Content Management System - With a shopping cart and checkout process
  • Payment System - Like Paypal or
  • A good product
  • Marketing skills 

Parkside Homes for Senior Living

Parkside Homes needed some assistance designing a site that matched their mission. The outcome is one of our most personal sites to date. The flash images and textures blend together so well, anyone would want to live there.

The design was derived from the talents of Frances and Barrett was lead on systems and Flash development for the site.

Camp Hiawatha - Salvation Army Logo

One of the Wichita area's premiere retreat centers needed a new look.

They luckily found us by word of mouth.

Our crazy-good design intern from the summer of 2009 was the head designer for this project. Her website is listed below the images, check it out!

Wine Bottle Labels

Grace Hill Winery called us up to design a couple wine bottle labels. They all focus on a piece of art they selected individually. This was our first go at designing labels for a bottle of alcohol.

Below are the graphics. When the bottles are in, we will take some sweet studio photography for you.

Please drink responsibly.



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