Resource Management Group's Flexible Design

Resource Management Group Inc here in Wichita asked me to give their site a fresh modern look.

It needed to be geared towards people in the field and in the office.

I split the website layout into 3 main sections. The header image, main content, and navigation.

Each page has a dedicated image, copy, navigation, and they all adjust per the screen width. Very flexible design.


Unified Party Bus Goes Mobile

The Unified Party Bus here in Wichita needed a design that was easy to use on mobile devices, both tablets and smartphones. Instead of building another site just for mobile they decided to design for all devices at once.

This practice takes in to mind the end user and their limitations they face while browsing from a smaller screen. Users can easily navigate the site with one thumb and fonts and images scale relatively per the devices screen size.


Standing Desk and Shelves Design

Barrett Morgan Design LLC

This new year I was asked to build a standing desk for a friend at Sasnak Management here in Wichita.

The design is focused on storage and maneuverability. The desk replaced one that was both in front and behind you with vertical storage, so storage was a priority. The shelves are conveniently located directly under the work area. 

Donate Unique Gifts to the Pregnancy Crisis Center

Donate unique gifts to the Pregnancy Center

Pregnancy Crisis Center here in Wichita has designed a new way to give. They now take specific donation amounts for unique gifting opportunities.

You can donate a single ultrasound appointment or an amount to run the entire facility for a day.

This was developed to make giving easier for you. You know exactly where your money is going, which can lead you to give where your heart is lead.

Kice Industries Design

Kice Industries Design

Kice Industries manufactures equipment for a wide variety of industries. Their challenge for me was to develop a functional introduction page that displays both their industry reach, their work, and their personality. Check out their new frontpage here.

Their products page is one of the key entry points to their website. Its navigation and layout was re-designed and organized with a natural clean look.

Also their overall navigation was refreshed into a device friendly menu with clean lines and intuitive navigation.

National Geographic Student Publishing Service Website

National Geographic Student Publishing Service Web Development

How do you take an impressive amount of quickly accessible information and organize it in an intuitive way that lets a customer service representative and management staff uniquely sort, tag, search, and manage from offices in DC and Iowa, and is accessible to your sales team on the road?



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