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Building a better user experience.

No matter the scenario, design can make or break your customer's experience with your company.

How is your design interacting with your users? How is it catching their attention and leading them through a process? Does your current system translate well to multiple scenarios &/or devices? Where and when are you losing customers?

I currently am working on website design and development, brand development, responsive web design, mobile projects, and much more.

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Designs & More

Mobile friendly website design for Harvestone Group LLC

Harvestone Group LLC requested an efficient & personally engaging website designed to help launch their brand in the global market. The design elements on the site are a blend of images illustrating everything ...

Kacy Meinecke Photography needed a fresh, easy to update website that makes promoting all of her latest work a breeze.

She shoots corporate photography for many companies around the US. One of the projects we...

Open Wichita hosted the Hackathon ICT at the Wichita Riverfest!

Developers from Wichita and surrounding areas gathered to help solves some of the cities issues with data.

We were thrilled to design the...

Blog & More

Barrett Morgan Design Office at the labor party

BMDllc moved into an office at The Labor Party!

Before the move to a regular office the membership space was utilized for over 3 years! Co-working...


You can't talk about S.E.O. without talking about posting fresh content on your website.

If you manage your own site, you are now the publisher for your company.
You are in charge of...

Website experienced on a smartphone and tablet

One of the most important questions to ask yourself when designing is 'who will experience it'?

Defining who your users are first allows you to focus your efforts towards their needs...