Post fresh new things on your website


You can't talk about S.E.O. without talking about posting fresh content on your website.

If you manage your own site, you are now the publisher for your company.
You are in charge of getting the word out about your business, what you're up to, and the amazing details of it all.

The internet loves fresh new content. If you're not a writer you might want to hire one.

If you're doing this yourself, where do you start? Here are a few pointers to help you out (what I've shared with my clients time and time again).

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Define the Paths

Website experienced on a smartphone and tablet

One of the most important questions to ask yourself when designing is 'who will experience it'?

Defining who your users are first allows you to focus your efforts towards their needs.

Once you know who your users are, you can define your user's paths. How will they navigate your design and what are the end goals of their experience. How will their needs be attended to, without any interruptions.

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Importance of Good User Experience

Your website should be fluent (and brilliant) across every device with a browser.

Typically your website looks perfect on a laptop or a pc. What happens when a mobile user pulls it up? Do they have to pinch and zoom to find content? What about your navigation and layout, does it get in the way of the content that they are looking for? Are buttons big enough for large fingers or is your website only user friendly with a mouse?

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Effective Life Quote

Be Yourself

The latest trend on Social Media has been to share photos with refreshing life quotes on them. The quotes are typically harmless and uplifting saying something about your personality. Some though are harsh, and witty, making you aware of people’s ‘other side’.

The irony though is that sharing these unique quotes is an action of grouping users together with each person who has shared it, making it less and less unique.

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Installing the desk at Sasnak

Barrett Morgan Design LLC

Delivering the latest desk to Sasnak was quite the task. This two piece workstation is heavy. I wanted to shoot some photos of it before it was installed so we stopped by a friends walnut grove for some photography.

It was quite the scene. @MicahDerr and I heaving around the pieces, trying not to scratch anything, and making sure the delivery truck wouldn't harm the fresh coat of finish on the dirt roads.

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Wood Grain Advice

Wrapping your board's grain around a corner

Natural design is everywhere, especially in the unique grain of wood. Along with showing how old a tree was when it was harvested, it gives every board character. No tree's markings are the same as another's, which gives an authenticity to every wood working project ever done in the world, ever.

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Planning Ahead - Seasonal Marketing

Seasonal Marketing

Ever hear people ask "What should I promote this time of year?" or "What type of features would drive more sales during this season?"

The trouble with that style of thinking is that by the time you gather your thoughts and ideas, conceptualize your plan with your designer or branding agent, the season you are going for has long passed.

It's best to be focused on promoting the NEXT season. Or even 2 seasons from now.

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'Tis the Season, Already...

Get your marketing department ready for the upcoming holidays by planning ahead this year.

Do you have a plan for November? Give thanks for the people in your office in a way that they would really appreciate. What about during their time off, are you prepared for (can we even say it this early...) the New Year?

We have done a couple of great holiday pieces and they are pictured below.

You can use this time to try and instigate sales, give thanks, or just put a smile on someone's face.

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Simply Human - Effective Marketing

Simply Human - Effective Marketing, our site works on our phone

A lot of people think design is in the details. That is a very true statement, but good design is creating less details for your users to worry about. The more simple your design, the easier your shopping cart is to check out of, the easier it is to subscribe, unsubscribe, review, comment, the less steps it is to do anything, the better the experience is for your users.

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Boost Internet Traffic

Barrett Morgan Design LLC

This title alone will probably give us some great web traffic! (from creepy web salesmen)

A lot of people believe a website should just be your company’s information, what you do, phone numbers, email address, and have it look amazing. Which is a great website to have.

The problem is people will only visit your website once to find the information they need, and then not come back until they forget your phone number or need an email address.

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Content Management... WHAT?

Content Management System at Eastminster Wichita, KS

Those that don't have it, want it. Those that do have it, love it.

Content Management Systems

Websites built on Content Management Systems are pretty much our standard build now. This puts the management of your website's content completely into your hands. You decide when to publish new stories, when to release new products, all with a couple of clicks.

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Relational Business

Barrett Morgan talking about Relational Business in Design in Wichita

One of the most important parts of running your own business is personally knowing your clients... especially in Kansas!

It's best to take the time to actually learn about your client's business, history, and lifestyle before you jump into a project with them. It will help you spend less time guessing what their wants and needs are, and it will give you an overall concept of the vision they have for the project. If not that, it will at least shine some light on the reason they have that vision.

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The Design Process

Design Process of Barrett Morgan Design LLC

A lot of people want to know what goes on during the design process of a website, or any project really. So here's a window into our world.

There is often a generic time-line for every project, it differs between every project, but most often it looks like this:

- Initial meeting with the designer/developer to tell them about the vision for the project. Be specific with each other. At this point, the client communicates exactly what they are looking for or tells the designer that they have a blank canvas, and to be uber-creative.

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