Kice Industries Design

Kice Industries Design

Kice Industries manufactures equipment for a wide variety of industries. Their challenge for me was to develop a functional introduction page that displays both their industry reach, their work, and their personality. Check out their new frontpage here.

Their products page is one of the key entry points to their website. Its navigation and layout was re-designed and organized with a natural clean look.

Also their overall navigation was refreshed into a device friendly menu with clean lines and intuitive navigation.

Botanica Wichita - Flash Homepage

Botanica Wichita Website - Barrett Morgan Design LLC

We love this website. It is one of our most beloved designs we've ever done.

We understand the web is moving away from flash, but we hope this look never gets old. Since this flash website was built they've added on a Content Management System that compliments the design very well and allows for the public to sign-up for their events. They are using the web exactly how they should, and they are seeing the results.

TriMark Signworks

Trimark Signworks Web Design in Wichita Kansas

Your business' signage says a lot about your style, your look, and how much you care about being noticed.

TriMark Signworks takes pride in developing the right signage for your needs.

They started out with a simple site highlighting some previous work and turned it into an interactive gallery with a detailed history of their company.

Be sure to check out their 'Journey' and see if you find any familiar signs from your past!

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