A living brand story

Barrett Morgan Design LLC

Here’s a story about a brand that we are thankful for.

So I saw a cool patagonia shirt about living within your means over at their online store. A pair of scissors cutting up a credit card.

I wanted to get it for my wife but I didn’t want to pay with a credit card online. We don’t live near a patagonia store. We do live near a retailer who carries some of their products but it was a new release and I was eager.

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Designing Wichita

Barrett Morgan Design LLC

When I take a step back and look at how Wichita has grown with the economy and has ebbed and flowed with the recession, I get excited.

It makes me wonder “What’s next?” The recent city plan is a remarkable design for developing our downtown to be a thriving community. But what’s going to drive this city’s economical bottom line to increase rapidly enough to stimulate this development?

Businesses are going to have to grow, innovate, and develop new things that will get consumers excited again, even during tough times.

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What I learned in Orlando

Barrett Morgan Design LLC

This past month I had the opportunity to go to the Christian Legal Society’s National Conference down in sunny Orlando, Florida. After designing and developing their website over a year ago there have been some transitions within the organization and it was good to catch up and visit about their goals and help them out on location during the conference.

It was an opportune time for me to meet some of the board members, chapter leaders, as well as connect with many attorneys throughout the US.

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'Tis the Season, Already...

Get your marketing department ready for the upcoming holidays by planning ahead this year.

Do you have a plan for November? Give thanks for the people in your office in a way that they would really appreciate. What about during their time off, are you prepared for (can we even say it this early...) the New Year?

We have done a couple of great holiday pieces and they are pictured below.

You can use this time to try and instigate sales, give thanks, or just put a smile on someone's face.

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Fall Business Summit 2010

Barrett Morgan Design LLC

This past Friday night Barrett Morgan Design LLC had its Fall Business Summit of 2010.

This was a meeting of the minds with a couple of good friends sharing business advice and stories. It was a great time of ranting and raving about how good design can be implemented into a wide variety of markets and formats.

There was talk about success. Talk about failure. What our strong points are. What our weaknesses are. And what to do about it all.

There are new goals, new insights, and we are implementing plans to more effectively use our skills in the right way.

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Relational Business

Barrett Morgan talking about Relational Business in Design in Wichita

One of the most important parts of running your own business is personally knowing your clients... especially in Kansas!

It's best to take the time to actually learn about your client's business, history, and lifestyle before you jump into a project with them. It will help you spend less time guessing what their wants and needs are, and it will give you an overall concept of the vision they have for the project. If not that, it will at least shine some light on the reason they have that vision.

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