Twelve Restaurant & Bar Design Package

Twelve Restaurant & Bar New Years Eve Promo

2014 was a big year for Twelve Restaurant & Bar.

I've had the pleasure of managing the design of their website, print menu, most of their digital and print advertisements, signage, email marketing, and even social media marketing.
It's been a bright and strong branding campaign from the beginning. 

Their holiday design package was a lot of fun to create at the end of the year.

Rockgate Hospitality Group Logo Design

Rockgate Hospitality Group needed a fresh new logo accompanied by a clean, modern website that highlighted all of their properties.

They are located out of Blue Springs, MO and have properties in the Kansas City area and New York state.

First I started with their old logo to see where they came from. I modernized the font set initially and then highlighted the stones that held up the gates in the logo. The finished product is pretty elegant.

Gates, Shields & Ferguson, P.A. Website Design

Gates, Shields & Ferguson, P.A. design by Barrett Morgan Design LLC

This Fall Gates, Shields & Ferguson, P.A. in Overland Park had us design their new website.

They also had us shoot their new photography for their biography pages.

After spending some time in their offices learning about their firm, their stories, and their history, we strategically worked on the visual interpretation of their firm. This project highlights each attorney, their accomplishments, and brings them all together as one firm.

Cladding Corp - Stamps

Cladding Corp had us design a few stamps for their new sample boxes.

The stamps were produced here in Wichita at Superior Rubber Stamp.

Each stamp is for either the outside of the box, or for inside product labeling.

Later we'll photograph the entire project with the entire opening / unpackaging experience.

Thanks for checking out the new project!

MyTech - Rebranding

Barrett Morgan Design LLC

MyTech, here in Wichita, had us take a step back from their original logo and start with a clean slate.

The new gadget icons below their name help convey the wide range of services they provide. The networking cable was a great addition in the final product framing everything together.

Check out the photos below to see the initial design samples, and the finished product.

Village Animal Hospital Brochure

Barrett Morgan Design LLC

Throughout the summer we've been developing a brochure with Dr. Olson from the Village Animal Hospital here in Wichita Kansas. It's a one page front & back print, full color tri-fold, which uses their remarkable color pallet they use fluently throughout their marketing.

They wanted to make sure both current and future clients could find it useful, and be encouraged to call Dr. Olson anytime.

Their logo also has a new text treatment.

It's warm, comforting, and makes you want to get a blonde lab right away. Check out the photos below to see the finished product!

Tech 2 Lead - Branding

Tech 2 Lead contacted us to develop their identity in the fall of 2009. They are a strategic political campaign management company, so it was a big challenge to develop the identity of it all.

The project started with just a logo concept, then developed into branding social media icons, and even branding the separate parts of their business strategy.

If your campaign needs some help with organization, goals, market analysis, they are the ones to call.

Cladding Corp - The Package Deal

Cladding Corp imports quality European cladding materials for architects in North America.

They have had us work on various items throughout the past 3 years.

  • Brochures to highlight the different products and options they import
  • Agent Binder Covers
  • Product Labels
  • Christmas Cards
  • Brand Development

To inquire about any of these building materials, please contact Brian via their website

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