Website Design for Harvestone Group LLC

Harvestone Group LLC Homepage website design

Harvestone Group LLC requested an efficient & personally engaging website designed to help launch their brand in the global market. The design elements on the site are a blend of images illustrating everything from marketing services, merchant trading, to asset optimization. 

"Harvestone Group, and its affiliated companies, is a global commodity merchant focused in the biofuels sector. We deploy capital in physical and financial commodity markets to create and unlock long term value for our customers and shareholders."

Twelve Restaurant & Bar Design Package

Twelve Restaurant & Bar New Years Eve Promo

2014 was a big year for Twelve Restaurant & Bar.

I've had the pleasure of managing the design of their website, print menu, most of their digital and print advertisements, signage, email marketing, and even social media marketing.
It's been a bright and strong branding campaign from the beginning. 

Their holiday design package was a lot of fun to create at the end of the year. 


Rockgate Hospitality Group Logo Design

Rockgate Hospitality Group needed a fresh new logo accompanied by a clean, modern website that highlighted all of their properties.

They are located out of Blue Springs, MO and have properties in the Kansas City area and New York state.

First I started with their old logo to see where they came from. I modernized the font set initially and then highlighted the stones that held up the gates in the logo. The finished product is pretty elegant.

Unified Party Bus Goes Mobile

The Unified Party Bus here in Wichita needed a design that was easy to use on mobile devices, both tablets and smartphones. Instead of building another site just for mobile they decided to design for all devices at once.

This practice takes in to mind the end user and their limitations they face while browsing from a smaller screen. Users can easily navigate the site with one thumb and fonts and images scale relatively per the devices screen size.


Donate Unique Gifts to the Pregnancy Crisis Center

Donate unique gifts to the Pregnancy Center

Pregnancy Crisis Center here in Wichita has designed a new way to give. They now take specific donation amounts for unique gifting opportunities.

You can donate a single ultrasound appointment or an amount to run the entire facility for a day.

This was developed to make giving easier for you. You know exactly where your money is going, which can lead you to give where your heart is lead.

Kice Industries Design

Kice Industries Design

Kice Industries manufactures equipment for a wide variety of industries. Their challenge for me was to develop a functional introduction page that displays both their industry reach, their work, and their personality. Check out their new frontpage here.

Their products page is one of the key entry points to their website. Its navigation and layout was re-designed and organized with a natural clean look.

Also their overall navigation was refreshed into a device friendly menu with clean lines and intuitive navigation.

All Systems Website Design

Barrett Morgan Design LLC

All Systems needed a clean, modern design for their website. While working closely with their marketing coordinator we assessed the importance of each piece of information on their site and how it interacted with the user. Most importantly we worked on how it brought the client full circle to contact their offices.

Pain Free Organization / Navigation

All Systems provides services to 4 separate industries. All of their service areas are just as important as the next so they each had to be organized in a non hierarchal way that was fluid and consistant.


Timber Creek Paper, Website + Photography

Timber Creek Paper Website Thumbnail

This year Timber Creek Paper developed a complete flash website with me. We focused the entire project on using personal, character driven imagery.

Timber Creek Paper has a lot of history floating around their warehouse. Character is built into their walls, their old wooden carts, their workbenches, their way of doing things, it all has a history. It makes a customer step back, breathe in, and actually think about what type of historic company they are working with.

Gates, Shields & Ferguson, P.A. Website Design

Gates, Shields & Ferguson, P.A. design by Barrett Morgan Design LLC

This Fall Gates, Shields & Ferguson, P.A. in Overland Park had us design their new website.

They also had us shoot their new photography for their biography pages.

After spending some time in their offices learning about their firm, their stories, and their history, we strategically worked on the visual interpretation of their firm. This project highlights each attorney, their accomplishments, and brings them all together as one firm.

Grace Hill Winery - Website Development

Grace Hill Winery Web Development - Barrett Morgan Design LLC

Grace Hill Winery asked us to move their flash based website to a Content Management System with a shopping cart, photo gallery, contact form, and the ability to manage it all from in house.

It was very challenging trying to keep their branding fluent from a fully animated flash site to a dynamically driven content management system. The colors and layout stayed true to their style and the new photo features add an interactive feel to a solid photo gallery.

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