Rockgate Hospitality Group needed a fresh new logo accompanied by a clean, modern website that highlighted all of their properties.

They are located out of Blue Springs, MO and have properties in the Kansas City area and New York state.

First I started with their old logo to see where they came from. I modernized the font set initially and then highlighted the stones that held up the gates in the logo. The finished product is pretty elegant.

The website design started with their brand. A strong, elegant property management group. I wanted to show a city concept but in a way that didn't take away from the logo, hence the blurred cityscape in the header. The body has two diamond patterns faded to white in the background. The diamond outlines are also carried in to the footer.

Checkout and see their new look.

Rockgate Hotels Logo Design
iPhone website mockup for Rockgate Hotels
Rockgate Hospitality Group Property Details Page
Photo Property Grid
Rockgate Hospitality Groups Website Footer
Rockgate Hospitality Groups Website Layout
Rockgate Hospitality Groups Website Lightbox Popup tool
Rockgate Hospitality Groups Website Layout Property Grid