Cladding Corp Brochure - Cem5

Cladding Corp Cem5 Brochures by Barrett Morgan Design LLC

We've been working on a series of brochures for Cladding Corp this year, and this is one of the first to hit the press.

Printing for this round was done over at It's printed on 100% recycled paper, made of 60% post-consumer waste.

It's an eight page booklet highlighting their Fibercement Rainscreen material.

We're so excited we had to post photos now, (with our phone). As soon as we can get the camera setup, expect higher quality shots!

Grace Hill Winery Bottle Labels

Wine Bottle Labels by Barrett Morgan Design LLC

Grace Hill Winery in Whitewater Kansas had us develop these labels for their new 2009 wines released this year.

The paintings for the designs were sent to us by the winery for each bottle, and we did the layout and graphic work to make them flow together.

We're also working on the product photography on all of their wines available on their new online store we setup!

This was a great project to be a part of.

Botanica Wichita - Flash Homepage

Botanica Wichita Website - Barrett Morgan Design LLC

We love this website. It is one of our most beloved designs we've ever done.

We understand the web is moving away from flash, but we hope this look never gets old. Since this flash website was built they've added on a Content Management System that compliments the design very well and allows for the public to sign-up for their events. They are using the web exactly how they should, and they are seeing the results.

Tech 2 Lead - Branding

Tech 2 Lead contacted us to develop their identity in the fall of 2009. They are a strategic political campaign management company, so it was a big challenge to develop the identity of it all.

The project started with just a logo concept, then developed into branding social media icons, and even branding the separate parts of their business strategy.

If your campaign needs some help with organization, goals, market analysis, they are the ones to call.

GSF - Logo Development

Gates, Shields, & Ferguson, P.A. Logo Development

Gates, Shields, & Ferguson, P.A. contacted Barrett Morgan Design LLC to develop a new look for their firm.

The pictures below show the initial concepts we presented as well as the final decision. The chosen look portrays strength and Kansas roots.

We were hand delivered our own mug today!

Village Animal Hospital - Website

Flash website for Village Animal Hospital

Village Animal Hospital in Wichita provides excellent medical, surgical, and wellness care to your pets.

They contacted us in 2006 for our flash website design. The project ended up being one of our most warm and welcoming designs to-date.

About once a year we take photography of their employees in their new scrubs.

We might think about getting an office pet if our office building code allows it. We'll keep you posted.

Amber Waves Diving Co. Website

Amber Waves Diving Company called us wanting a new look, and a Content Management System to keep their website fresh.

They asked for a design that was personal and that communicated their professionalism.

Take a look around their site and find out how you can learn how to dive!

Edward J. Hund Trial Attorney - Website Migration

Edward J. Hund website design in Wichita

Edward J. Hund Trail Attorney had us create a flash website a few years ago. Recently the desire was to optimize their website and make it more manageable in-house.

We decided to switch their site from being a full flash website to one that's dynamically driven by a content management system.

Here are a couple photos of the new project, and one of the old, just for comparison.



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