National Geographic Student Publishing Service Website

National Geographic Student Publishing Service Web Development

How do you take an impressive amount of quickly accessible information and organize it in an intuitive way that lets a customer service representative and management staff uniquely sort, tag, search, and manage from offices in DC and Iowa, and is accessible to your sales team on the road?


All Systems Website Design

Barrett Morgan Design LLC

All Systems needed a clean, modern design for their website. While working closely with their marketing coordinator we assessed the importance of each piece of information on their site and how it interacted with the user. Most importantly we worked on how it brought the client full circle to contact their offices.

Pain Free Organization / Navigation

All Systems provides services to 4 separate industries. All of their service areas are just as important as the next so they each had to be organized in a non hierarchal way that was fluid and consistant.


3 Banners for Cladding Corp!

Barrett Morgan Design LLC

The beginning of this year has been quite the whirlwind. This is mostly because of the vast variety of projects that have been in process.

This one takes the cake for being unique.

I love designing on mediums that are new to me. The banners posed an initial question of photo resolution, then deciding an overall theme, their mobility, usability, it was fantastic to problem solve their overall use!

Timber Creek Paper, Website + Photography

Timber Creek Paper Website Thumbnail

This year Timber Creek Paper developed a complete flash website with me. We focused the entire project on using personal, character driven imagery.

Timber Creek Paper has a lot of history floating around their warehouse. Character is built into their walls, their old wooden carts, their workbenches, their way of doing things, it all has a history. It makes a customer step back, breathe in, and actually think about what type of historic company they are working with.

Terra5 brochure for Cladding Corp

Barrett Morgan Design LLC

Terra5 is another line of cladding products from Cladding Corp. They asked for a brochure to match their current branding and overall marketing direction. Using clean lines and a direct approach to re-organization the final product accomplishes both of those goals.

Gates, Shields & Ferguson, P.A. Website Design

Gates, Shields & Ferguson, P.A. design by Barrett Morgan Design LLC

This Fall Gates, Shields & Ferguson, P.A. in Overland Park had us design their new website.

They also had us shoot their new photography for their biography pages.

After spending some time in their offices learning about their firm, their stories, and their history, we strategically worked on the visual interpretation of their firm. This project highlights each attorney, their accomplishments, and brings them all together as one firm.


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