Unified Party Bus - Christmas Light Tours Design Promo

Unified Party Bus here in Wichita had us design their look for their upcoming Christmas Light Tours.

They are the official transportation sponsor for Lights on St.Paul benefiting the ARC of Sedgwick County and also the official transportation sponsor for Heartspring's Lights on the Lake.

This online campaign will run throughout the Holidays so remember to reserve them for your next office party!

Cladding Corp - Stamps

Cladding Corp had us design a few stamps for their new sample boxes.

The stamps were produced here in Wichita at Superior Rubber Stamp.

Each stamp is for either the outside of the box, or for inside product labeling.

Later we'll photograph the entire project with the entire opening / unpackaging experience.

Thanks for checking out the new project!

Grace Hill Winery - Website Development

Grace Hill Winery Web Development - Barrett Morgan Design LLC

Grace Hill Winery asked us to move their flash based website to a Content Management System with a shopping cart, photo gallery, contact form, and the ability to manage it all from in house.

It was very challenging trying to keep their branding fluent from a fully animated flash site to a dynamically driven content management system. The colors and layout stayed true to their style and the new photo features add an interactive feel to a solid photo gallery.

MyTech - Rebranding

Barrett Morgan Design LLC

MyTech, here in Wichita, had us take a step back from their original logo and start with a clean slate.

The new gadget icons below their name help convey the wide range of services they provide. The networking cable was a great addition in the final product framing everything together.

Check out the photos below to see the initial design samples, and the finished product. - Design

Barrett Morgan Design LLC was in need of a cleaner, more manageable design. The website is continuously updated with new photos of recent fires in the Wichita area.

They had us develop a new style sheet, a simple menu, and a more dramatic layout.

It's a great resource for our community and to those who serve on the Fire Department. It's managed by Andy Thomas with additional photography submissions by fellow Fire Dept Photographer Sean Black and a few other volunteers.

Be sure to click through to see the photo galleries. There are some very dramatic shots!


Cladding Corp - System5 Brochure

System5 by Cladding Corp - Barrett Morgan Design LLC

System5 is Cladding Corp's revolutionary approach to Rainscreen.

This brochure is printed on 100% recycled content, 60% post consumer waste, processed chlorine-free paper from

It is 12 pages full of hanging brackets for vertical systems, horizontal systems, visible systems, and concealed systems for installing rainscreen.

This is one of the largest brochures produced with their new branding.

Cladding Corp - Corporate Brochure

Cladding Corp Corporate Brochure

Cladding Corp is one of the most innovative cladding providers here in the U.S.

Their recent re-branding of their products led to the development of multiple brochures, including this corporate piece.

The full page photos help frame out their projects in a very natural, clean way. Each page also illustrates the wide variety of options they provide.

Their new System5 approach to Rainscreen is a new revolutionary system, that will soon become standard in green building design. We're very excited to see this spread throughout their industry.

Village Animal Hospital Brochure

Barrett Morgan Design LLC

Throughout the summer we've been developing a brochure with Dr. Olson from the Village Animal Hospital here in Wichita Kansas. It's a one page front & back print, full color tri-fold, which uses their remarkable color pallet they use fluently throughout their marketing.

They wanted to make sure both current and future clients could find it useful, and be encouraged to call Dr. Olson anytime.

Their logo also has a new text treatment.

It's warm, comforting, and makes you want to get a blonde lab right away. Check out the photos below to see the finished product!


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