Booth Artwork - Design Process

Spring is the season for trade-shows! I was approached by Cladding Corp to help design their space in the upcoming AIA 2012 National Convention and Design Exposition. 

Drupalcon Denver

I was just coming back from a show myself in Denver, Drupalcon, where I learned more about Drupal, and how huge it really really is. Loved it.

Anyways it gave me great insight into good and bad booth concepts. The booths that created an atmosphere and had welcoming engaging people were the most rememberable.

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Installing the desk at Sasnak

Barrett Morgan Design LLC

Delivering the latest desk to Sasnak was quite the task. This two piece workstation is heavy. I wanted to shoot some photos of it before it was installed so we stopped by a friends walnut grove for some photography.

It was quite the scene. @MicahDerr and I heaving around the pieces, trying not to scratch anything, and making sure the delivery truck wouldn't harm the fresh coat of finish on the dirt roads.

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A living brand story

Barrett Morgan Design LLC

Here’s a story about a brand that we are thankful for.

So I saw a cool patagonia shirt about living within your means over at their online store. A pair of scissors cutting up a credit card.

I wanted to get it for my wife but I didn’t want to pay with a credit card online. We don’t live near a patagonia store. We do live near a retailer who carries some of their products but it was a new release and I was eager.

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A nice little recap of 2010

Barrett Morgan Design LLC

This year has been remarkable.

Along with having some of the most enjoyable projects to date, we have a couple new relationships with some amazing new clients.

Out of all of our current web clients whom we monitor their traffic the total count this year for visitors reached over a half million visits!

That includes every visit from throughout the year.


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New Marketing

After the Business Summit a couple months back there was a lot of motivation to develop my own professionally printed business cards and brochures.

There was a great response from everyone who received either of these at the conference I went to in Orlando. The brochure helped its recipients have a much better understanding of what I do... I'm not just a web design company anymore. It walks you through my love of design & how it can translate into all of your business which helps build you a better brand.

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5 Year Endeavor

Barrett Morgan Design LLC | Wichita, Kansas

This August 15th marks the end of our fifth year in business.

What’s more exciting is that it begins our sixth year in business.

We could sit around and talk about what we’ve accomplished, where we’ve been, and how hard it was to get here (which we do all of the time), but it’s more fun to dream about the future.

This new year, the sixth year, is what will make us different. It will take us places we’ve never been, see projects we’ve never imagined being a part of, and will build us into the design staple we’re always striving for.

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Going Out Into Nature

Barrett Morgan Design LLC | Wichita, Kansas

This advice is often given to those looking for inspiration for a complex problem.

So what happens when you go outside and get away from it all? When you really take initiative and break away for awhile?

You first start to slowly forget the daily grind of responsibilities and distractions. You don’t have to submit reports to 3 different supervisors and get administrative approval to do anything. You can take whatever trail you want, go in whatever direction you desire, and have complete freedom to be where you are.

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Barrett Morgan Design's Background Image at Dusk

Right around 5pm things start to change around here.

Our website's background images start changing to some beautiful sunsets and clouds.

It's a nice calming way to end the day.

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Earth Day 2010

Happy Earth Day from Barrett Morgan Design LLC

Happy Earth Day 2010!

As you can tell from the backgrounds of our site, we love photographing nature.

We hope you enjoy our photography in the backgrounds of this site. They display random images, and the types of photos displayed depends on what time of day it is.

We're also on flickr every so often, and will try to post more outdoor photography when we can. The nicer it gets outside, the easier it is for us to get out on a walk and take a couple hundred photos.

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Welcome to Barrett Morgan Design LLC in Wichita Kansas

Welcome to our new site. We're building it as we go, so check back often for project updates.

If you haven't noticed, we're displaying things a little differently these days. The web has gone in a direction all it's own and this new layout will fit everyone's needs on any gadget they're viewing it from.

You can subscribe to any RSS feed of any tag or from the projects page to get all of the current updates.

We hope the new look fits your style. The focus is on our clients, because we love them.

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