Installing the desk at Sasnak

Barrett Morgan Design LLC

Delivering the latest desk to Sasnak was quite the task. This two piece workstation is heavy. I wanted to shoot some photos of it before it was installed so we stopped by a friends walnut grove for some photography.

It was quite the scene. @MicahDerr and I heaving around the pieces, trying not to scratch anything, and making sure the delivery truck wouldn't harm the fresh coat of finish on the dirt roads.

It was a success beyond expectations! The desk looks great in the newly designed accounting office! (which will be another write up all in itself!)

For cable management under the desk I grabbed some 'hook and loop' tape from Monoprice. Worked perfect with a staple gun.

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Barrett Morgan Design LLC
Barrett Morgan Design LLC
Barrett Morgan Design LLC
Transporting the desk
Shooting photos of the new standing workstation by Barrett
The old desk
the pieces of the work station
Cable management with hook and loop
Standing workstation installed
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