Cladding Corp - Stamps

Cladding Corp had us design a few stamps for their new sample boxes.

The stamps were produced here in Wichita at Superior Rubber Stamp.

Each stamp is for either the outside of the box, or for inside product labeling.

Later we'll photograph the entire project with the entire opening / unpackaging experience.

Thanks for checking out the new project!

Grace Hill Winery Bottle Labels

Wine Bottle Labels by Barrett Morgan Design LLC

Grace Hill Winery in Whitewater Kansas had us develop these labels for their new 2009 wines released this year.

The paintings for the designs were sent to us by the winery for each bottle, and we did the layout and graphic work to make them flow together.

We're also working on the product photography on all of their wines available on their new online store we setup!

This was a great project to be a part of.

Rugged Faith - Righteous Monster

What do you say to a friend who asks you to design the layout for his 350 page book? 


The book is intense, requiring an unique and eye-catching design for the cover, chapter headings, and quoted text.

All illustrations were drawn by Joel and the front cover photo was taken by our friend David while visiting Europe.

The author, Bodie Weiss blogs every weekday over at

Wine Bottle Labels

Grace Hill Winery called us up to design a couple wine bottle labels. They all focus on a piece of art they selected individually. This was our first go at designing labels for a bottle of alcohol.

Below are the graphics. When the bottles are in, we will take some sweet studio photography for you.

Please drink responsibly.


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