3 Banners for Cladding Corp!

The beginning of this year has been quite the whirlwind. This is mostly because of the vast variety of projects that have been in process.

This one takes the cake for being unique.

I love designing on mediums that are new to me. The banners posed an initial question of photo resolution, then deciding an overall theme, their mobility, usability, it was fantastic to problem solve their overall use!

They will be used for trade shows, for presentations to architects, small gatherings, larger rooms, setting the stage for any event, or the backdrop for their offices. They model the same look and feel of the brochures Cladding Corp had me produce throughout last year.

3 Big Banners designed for Cladding Corp
All in a row, great for trade shows
Designed for any architecture, looks great on brick!
System 5 designed banner
All of their products on one designed banner