Effective Life Quote

Be Yourself

The latest trend on Social Media has been to share photos with refreshing life quotes on them. The quotes are typically harmless and uplifting saying something about your personality. Some though are harsh, and witty, making you aware of people’s ‘other side’.

The irony though is that sharing these unique quotes is an action of grouping users together with each person who has shared it, making it less and less unique.

The importance of being yourself is much greater than sharing what you want others to ‘think’ about you. We know who you are, you are human (or are a group of humans), and you have individual unique offerings that we want to learn about and see daily. We want to see you for who you are. Not the YOU who likes something that 1k’s of your BFF’s (Best Friends Forever) like too.

Keep striving to live life the way you were born to live it. It shouldn’t be to mimic the actions of others unless it’s to join a good cause, or a movement that has a real effect on this world.

This goes for corporations, LLC’s, non-profit orgs, start-ups, and every other type of business out there. There is a human side of you we want to see. We want to know you are here making a difference, making change happen in the world, and not just rolling along liking everything you see.

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