Designing Wichita

Barrett Morgan Design LLC

When I take a step back and look at how Wichita has grown with the economy and has ebbed and flowed with the recession, I get excited.

It makes me wonder “What’s next?” The recent city plan is a remarkable design for developing our downtown to be a thriving community. But what’s going to drive this city’s economical bottom line to increase rapidly enough to stimulate this development?

Businesses are going to have to grow, innovate, and develop new things that will get consumers excited again, even during tough times.

It made me ponder the idea of ‘How could we use all of Wichita’s skill-sets to develop a product or innovation to stimulate our local economy and benefit the global economy?’. Is there a think tank who’s sole purpose is to help our local businesses collaborate? Could they work seamlessly with a common goal to ‘Produce a better product that would produce a better Wichita?’

Wichita being focused mostly on aircraft you can assume we are very good at making things ‘lighter’ than the average industrialists. Another major manufacturer in the area is good at producing powerful, custom, sexy motorcycles. We can also develop state of the art camping gear. Plus one of the largest privately owned companies in the oil business is here, and always growing.

How could these businesses benefit each other? How could they work together to stimulate the area’s growth and economy? What new products could they develop that are sponsored by a handful of Wichita companies which could benefit every party involved?

Think about this Wichita. Brainstorm collectively with your businesses. Brain-tornado more like it. Get your minds around the fact that we need each other to survive in this economical time. To support each other's businesses with our own products and innovations. It’s time to get off the individual gravy train and help other business’ out. Start shaking hands again, start supporting your neighbors, and learn how to innovate for tomorrow, together.


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