America Flies Campaign

I had the honor of working with Congressman Mike Pompeo, his campaign team, and volunteers on their America Flies campaign.

Focusing on community building and job creation through a collaboration of local resources, Mike is keen on keeping & building jobs with the American people, specifically Kansas.

America Flies Logo Design by Barrett Morgan Design LLCI was asked to be a part of the branding, design, and web development throughout this project.

With the help of their campaign staff and community volunteers the project took shape surrounding the aviation industry. Every part of this project was required to feel at home in the daily lives of those in the aviation industry.

Here in Wichita we are involved in building most every type of airplane. You can’t go a day without meeting someone who builds, pilots, or commercially/personally flies airplanes, they are a part of our daily lives. We created a section on this website specifically tailored to telling your stories about how the aviation industry is vital to your life (seriously!).

If you have a personal story of how the aviation industry has changed your life please sign the petition and share your story.

Let’s keep the momentum going!

America Flies Homepage Design
America Flies Newsroom Design
Share your Aviation Story at America Flies Website